Our Approach is Different




Co-Diagnostics’ unique approach to molecular diagnostics is based on a complex form of mathematics called Cooperative Theory, enabling us to create and administer tests significantly faster and at a much lower cost than those developed by traditional methods. Co-Dx™ molecular reagents can detect the presence of even a single virus.

The technology was created by Dr. Brent Satterfield, who has engineered new diagnostics for Sandia National Laboratories, US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, Department of Homeland Security, National Bio-defense Analysis and Countermeasures Center, the California Dept. of Public Health and numerous others. Dr. Satterfield and his team are the first to employ highly advanced math to engineer a new generation of advanced molecular diagnostics tools and an expanding array of tests. 

Co-Diagnostics’ vision is to make diagnostic testing for infectious disease and common genetic disorders so cost effective and easy to use that it can be done at any doctor’s office or point of care facility, anywhere in the world, including those in developing countries.

In short, Co-Diagnostics is an industry innovator, now at the forefront of molecular diagnostics technology.


Co-Diagnostics – Innovating New Molecular Diagnostics

Advanced Mathematics

Co-Dx™ uses highly advanced mathematics and Co-Dx Design™ software for Windows® to predict how DNA and RNA will react under certain conditions. Its advanced algorithms take the guesswork out of test design, allowing designers to create highly sensitive/specific primers and probes that run virtually error free on many diagnostic platforms, including a new generation of highly mobile, low-cost test equipment.

Faster to develop and administer

The Co-Dx™ development test platform shortens the development cycle for the creation of new tests utilizing Co-Dx Design™ software to weeks instead of months or years, rapidly screening millions of possible designs to find the optimal design for a specific disorder or disease.  In lieu of costly trial-and-error lab testing, Co-Dx™ designers let computers do the work, significantly shortening test development cycles.  Co-Dx™ specialized primer designs can recognize their targets much faster, potentially leading to abbreviated cycling times on existing PCR detection equipment.  And Co-Dx’s™ efficiencies are particularly impressive during PCR multiplexing (multiple tests run simultaneously).

Highly Accurate

Co-Dx™ reagents cause reactions that produce a stronger signal for PCR devices to read, detecting the presence of even a single virus. And Co-Dx™ products virtually eliminate primer dimers (common errors that occur during DNA amplification) that cause false positives and negatives.

Disruptively Inexpensive

Co-Dx™ represents a dramatic new approach to molecular diagnostics, producing tests that are far less expensive to develop and administer. Co-Dx™ tests can be performed on a new generation of highly mobile, low-cost PCR test equipment, one of which the company is co-developing for introduction in 2016. Working in tandem, Co-Dx’s™ state-of-the-art tests + mobile devices will make DNA-based diagnostics both affordable and more broadly available, breaking down historical cost barriers to worldwide markets for much-needed, accurate tests.

Co-Dx™ Applications


Co-Dx™ technologies were originally developed to identify infectious diseases.  Current tests include: tuberculosis, malaria, hepatitis B and C, dengue, chagas and HIV.  Soon to be ready for distribution will be international-market tests for human papillomavirus (HPV) and gonorrhea/chlamydia.


A powerhouse combination of affordable, accurate Co-Dx™ tests + a new generation of mobile, handheld devices will greatly facilitate personalized medicine for preventive care. The Co-Dx™ platform will enable healthcare companies and physicians to employ inexpensive molecular analysis to provide a healthcare roadmap for a patients based on their genetic content.


With the escalating costs of drug trials, pharmaceutical companies recognize the need to create companion diagnostics tests – a  diagnostic test partnered with a therapeutic to determine a patient’s compatibility with a treatment protocol.  Co-Dx™ is an ideal partnering platform for the development of companion diagnostics strategies.


The power of the Co-Dx™ development platform lies in its ability to accurately and affordably identify genetic markers in DNA and RNA, detecting cancer markers, bacteria or viruses or to find common genetic disorders. Co-Dx™ is well-suited for labs developing specialized genetic tests.


Co-Dx™ technology also has many applications in screening blood and other DNA samples for potential pathogens. With low-cost, Co-Dx-enabled equipment and reagents, water treatment plants can quickly and effectively test water supplies; and blood banks can test their blood supply and donors to make sure their inventory is uncontaminated.


Co-Dx™ technology can even be used in specialized genealogical and family history applications to determine hereditary characteristics or lineage.   The applications for Co-Dx™ technologies are virtually limitless.


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