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Take charge of your vector control

Test your own vector samples with a compact PCR laboratory.

Preventing human cases of vector-borne diseases

At Co-Dx™, we are committed to doing our part to prevent diseases spread by mosquitos. Our Vector Control solutions are designed to provide accurate and efficient testing for mosquito abatement districts to cut down the mosquito-borne illnesses that currently represent 17% of all infectious diseases globally.

Your lab. Your results.

In-house testing

Conduct high-quality PCR testing in your own facilities.

Same-day results

Stop waiting for lab results and conduct your own tests.

Gold-standard accuracy

PCR testing brings the most accurate testing available on the market to you.

Easy to use

Kits are compatible with most qPCR equipment and produce easy-to-interpret results.

Affordable equipment​

Get all the features of a PCR lab in one portable, cost-effective package.

The Co-Dx Box™ testing platform​

Take the lab anywhere with this portable qPCR cycler. This cutting-edge magnetic induction technology enables robust, reliable and cost effective testing in an easy-to-transport device.

Starting your own lab? Let us help you get going.

Don’t let the initial startup stop you from running a vector control laboratory for your abatement district. We’re ready to jump in and give you everything you need to be successful.

Lab setup

Our team of experts will come in and get your lab up and running exactly like you need.

On-site training

We’ll come to you to show you and your team the ins and outs of your new testing solution.


We’re always ready to work out any bugs that may arise during your testing experience.

Let’s connect

Reach out with any questions or comments. We’re here to help every step of the way.