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PCR results. Antigen price.

Give patients and staff the power to know with the Co-Dx™ PCR platform for on-site infectious disease multiplex testing.

Woman in a lab coat holding the pcr pro box.

Making the gold standard more standard

When it comes to making sure your patients, clients, and staff are protected, it’s important to have the highest standard of diagnostic testing. With the Co-Dx PCR Pro™ instrument at your facility, to perform actual PCR testing whenever you need it. The instrument and the platform provide everything you need—and eliminate the wait of sending samples to a lab.
Doctor in an office showing testing results to a patient.

On-site testing with results in minutes

The Co-Dx PCR Pro instrument brings the lab to you. The instrument easily connects to a smartphone or tablet, simplifying access for multiple users, and the convenience of on-site multiplex testing saves time and laboratory costs.

Accuracy meets speed and convenience ​

Until now, diagnostic testing has meant making choices between the highest levels of reliability and the convenience of getting results anywhere, anytime. With real-time PCR testing, you can make informed decisions regarding your patients and staff.

PCR accuracy​

Get the peace of mind that only comes from the gold standard of infectious disease testing.


Test on-site to ensure infections stop at the source, keeping your staff productive and patients healthy and safe.

Faster results

Get answers in minutes instead of hours or days with in-facility multiplex testing.

Easy to use

Get the results you need without the hassle of complicated equipment.

Bluetooth connectivity

Connect your device using Bluetooth and get results right on a tablet or smartphone.

Bring the power to know to your facility

Get the peace of mind that comes from having accurate and timely test results when you need them.
*Co-Dx PCR Pro and Co-Dx PCR Test Cups require regulatory approval for diagnostic use. Currently not for sale, subject to U.S. FDA authorization status.

Get accurate results with Co-Primers™ technology

The unique, proprietary structure of Co-Primers™ may enable reactions that are more accurate than other PCR technologies, enabling identification of the presence of viruses that cause illnesses like COVID, the flu, and more.

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Transforming healthcare with affordable, on-site PCR testing

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