Hot Start

Co-Diagnostics’ patented Hot Start product is an additive that can be used in real-time PCR to improve sensitivity and reduce false positives in both DNA and RNA PCR reactions.  

The product can be added to master mix like Taq polymerase-specific monoclonal antibodies; however, it differs from antibody-based hot start by adding proprietary chemical “hooks” to an oligonucleotide, causing them to stick to the binding site at low temperatures. The Hot Start product works on both polymerase and reverse transcriptase reactions, reducing non-specific reactions.

Patent no. 9,410,189 “METHODS OF PREVENTING NON-SPECIFIC REACTIONS OF NUCLEOTIDE SEQUENCES” was granted in August 2016 and covers the methods of nucleic acid amplification, including methods of preventing non-specific reaction of a nucleotide sequence with a DNA modifying enzyme.