Our History

“Leaders in molecular diagnostics are so immersed in the discoveries of the genome…that they’ve forgotten it’s all driven by math.”

Brent Satterfield, Ph.D

Co-Diagnostics Inc.

Discoverer and Inventor
of Co-Dx™ Algorithms
and CoPrimers™ 

Dr. Brent Satterfield, our founder, invented the Company’s suite of intellectual properties. Co-Diagnostics scientists use the complex mathematics of DNA test design to engineer DNA/RNA tests by employing algorithms that rapidly screen millions of possible options to pinpoint the optimum design for any given test. This bio-engineering approach to DNA test development is unique to Co-Diagnostics and is based on “cooperative theory,” a new generation of mathematical analytics created by Dr. Satterfield.

The Company was founded on Dr. Satterfield’s passion for bringing high-quality molecular diagnostics to areas in the world that have been overlooked and underserved by other diagnostics companies, and to populations that have only had access to cutting-edge technologies if they were fortunate enough to live in regions that benefited from philanthropic subsidies.

Thanks to our proprietary CoPrimers Design platform and because we own the technology that underpins our science, we are able to accomplish this faster, and more economically without burdensome royalties, positioning Co-Diagnostics to be the worldwide low-cost leader of molecular diagnostics services.