CoPrimers Design™

Co-Diagnostics employs advanced mathematics to predict how DNA and RNA will react under certain conditions. The algorithms in the CoPrimers™ Design Software screens thousands of possible locations on a gene to take the guesswork out of PCR test design, allowing designers to quickly and efficiently create highly specific primers and probes that can be optimized to run on many PCR diagnostic platforms.

Software-Driven DNA Analysis

Proprietary Molecular Diagnostics CoPrimers Design System

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The time and cost-saving benefits of the CoPrimers Design process enables Co-Diagnostics to identify and custom design:

  • Ideal Target Location in Genome
  • Optimal CoPrimers™
    • Min primer length to maximize specificity
    • Optimize length of the capture (probe)
    • Optimize length of the linker (PEG tether)
    • Ideal gap between primer & probe
  • Effectiveness of Varying Sets
  • Ideal Mix for Any Targeted Marker
  • Top Solutions Out of Thousands
  • Results in As Little As Seconds