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Vector is the term used to describe organisms, like mosquitoes, that transmit infectious disease across human or animal populations.

The Co-Diagnostics vector control program uses our Vector Smart™ PCR tests and affordable laboratory equipment solutions in vector control applications to test mosquito populations where the insect is known to act as a vector.

Ministries and Departments of Health in the U.S. and worldwide currently have vector control services to control, limit, or eradicate vectors where they are suspected to contribute to the spread of pathogens or outbreaks. Vector control and mosquito abatement play a vital role in preventing outbreaks and the spread of mosquito-borne diseases. Co-Diagnostics tests have been engineered with positive controls specifically for mosquito samples, ensuring reliable results.

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Our multiplex PCR tests are compatible with most open-source qPCR equipment, including devices manufactured by Qiagen, Thermo Fisher and others. For vector control programs new to molecular diagnostics, we offer laboratory equipment and training packages that include our low-cost, portable, calibration-free 48-well qPCR instrument, the CoDx Box™, a magnetic induction thermocycler with software optimized to run Co-Diagnostics’ PCR products.

Equipment, training, and basic lab set-up packages are available from $15,000 to $25,000 for domestic customers.

Instructions for Use documents for vector control products can be found under the Resources tab.

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Vector Control Solutions

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