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Interested in using CoPrimers™ in your laboratory, enterprise, or research institution? The unique properties of CoPrimers make them ideally suited for a variety of applications where specificity is the key to optimal results, including multiplexing several targets, enhanced SNP detection, and library preparation for next-gen sequencing.

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Our design specialists will use our proprietary primer design software and patented CoPrimer technology to design and verify custom-built primer sets and molecular testing solutions for use by enterprise clients who rely upon molecular diagnostics. Our customers include those interested in testing for targeted gene sequences in multiplexed reactions, in the research, infectious diseases, agricultural, ranching, and food production industries, as well as large clinical laboratories.

These industries rely upon molecular testing for a variety of applications, ranging from testing for harmful bacteria or vector-borne diseases, liquid biopsy applications, and developing in-house diagnostics to assist with infectious disease testing. Customers in the latter category would be able to use the technology to design and verify their own laboratory developed tests (“LDTs”).

Specialists can custom-build tests specifically for certain gene sequences, which can then be either licensed for use, or purchased directly from Co-Diagnostics. 

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CoPrimers™ Design Services

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