Co-Dx PCR Home Testing Platform*

At Co-Dx, our mission is to disrupt the molecular diagnostics status quo by bringing revolutionary lab-grade PCR testing capabilities—the gold standard in infectious disease testing—into homes and businesses.

The Co-Dx PCR home testing platform* is being designed to give users the power to know. And the power to act, rather than react.

Developed by our world-renowned scientists, the Co-Dx PCR home testing platform is powered by the cloud, which is intended to allow for the results to even be transmitted to different destinations as needed. And the platform is being designed with the capability to test for a wide variety of diseases.

Because we know that the best technology changes lives—and in some cases can even help save them. Which is why we believe the gold standard should be the standard for everyone.

*The Co-Dx PCR Home Testing Platform has not been reviewed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and is not available for sale.