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The agricultural industry is perpetually focused on producing more food to keep up with population growth, both in the developed world, but equally as important, in less-developed countries. Factor in a consistently diminishing amount of arable land around the world that can successfully grow crops, and we have a huge problem. Enhancing agricultural products on the genetic level requires millions of tests to be run as new iterations are added and improved upon, to ensure safety and productivity, especially in amplifying the genomes enough to be mapped (a process known as ‘next-generation sequencing,’ or ‘NGS’) and to test for genetic traits of interest in plants.

Even being able to cut the number of tests run in half by multiplexing two targets per sample simultaneously using CoPrimers™has a tremendous benefit in efficiency and development costs; multiplexing 4 or 8 targets per sample at once has cost-savings that are irresistible to that industry. Multiplexing can also greatly reduce the cost and improve efficiency of testing vast quantities of agricultural products for harmful bacteria, such as E. coli.

CoDx™ and Agriculture

Working With Industry Customers to Grow Corn

Superior SNP detection helps to identify the presence of beneficial molecular makers belonging to disease-resistant crops and livestock, as well as testing for mutations indicating the presence of harmful genes. CoPrimers™ give researchers and developers an advantage in ensuring food production can keep up with the growing demand, the need for which is only projected to increase in the years to come.

Agriculture and Farming

The impact OF CODX™ and its technology


Molecular Markers

Disease-resistant crops and livestock


Molecular Diagnosis

Accurate diagnosis of crop and livestock diseases

Detect Common Crop Dangers

Crop damage from weed, diseases and insects

Superior SNP Detection

Increased sensitivity for mutations

Multiplex Testing

Accurate detection of multiple targeted markers

 LGC, Biosearch Technologies

Co-Diagnostics has a licensing agreement with LGC, Biosearch Technologies for the use of CoPrimers™ in certain agricultural applications. At the PAG XXVII conference in January 2019, LGC officially launched BHQplex™ CoPrimers™, a private-label LGC product that uses the CoPrimer platform.

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Agricultural Solutions

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