Program received enthusiastically by regional Ministries of Health


SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Co-Diagnostics, Inc. (NASDAQ: CODX), a molecular diagnostics company with a unique, proprietary platform for the development of diagnostic tests, announced today the completion of a sales and validation trip to the Dominican Republic, including the initiation of a vector control diagnostics program to track the spread and distribution of tropical diseases across mosquito populations.

Vector is the term used to describe an organism that transmits infectious disease across human or animal populations. Ministries and Departments of Health in the U.S. and worldwide currently have vector control services to control, limit, or eradicate vectors where they are suspected to contribute to the spread of pathogens or outbreaks.

Co-Diagnostics’ vector control program will involve the Company’s diagnostic tests being used by vector control services to test mosquito populations where the insect is known to act as a vector. The program has been met with enthusiasm by the Ministries of Health in several Caribbean countries anxious to use it to track outbreaks of Zika virus, tuberculosis, Malaria, West Nile virus, Chikungunya virus, and dengue among others.

Tests that are not intended to diagnose humans are subject to different regulatory requirements, which will allow those used in the Company’s program to be sold throughout the United States without 510(k) clearance or Premarket Authorization (“PMA”) from the FDA, as well as allow for simpler export procedures out of the U.S. to the Caribbean and other regions. Sales are expected to begin worldwide following Q2 2018 and successful completion of the initial program.

In addition to the vector control program, the Company and a regional marketing and distribution partner completed a number of sales and product validation site visits to hospitals and clinical laboratories across the Dominican Republic.

Co-Diagnostics CEO Dwight Egan remarked, “Ever since we became aware of the interest in pairing disease detection with vector control programs, we have felt strongly that Co-Diagnostics would be an ideal partner to provide this support. The feedback and enthusiasm we have seen for such a product has provided us encouragement to proceed with the initial program. We are confident that the market for our tests will expand as we successfully execute on that program. We were also encouraged by the demand for our tests at the various hospitals and clinical laboratories we met with during our time in the DR. We look forward to fully developing all these opportunities.”

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Co-Diagnostics, Inc., a Utah corporation, is a molecular diagnostics company that has developed and intends to manufacture and sell reagents used for diagnostic tests that function via the detection and/or analysis of nucleic acid molecules (DNA or RNA), and to sell diagnostic equipment from other manufacturers as self-contained lab systems.

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