CoDx-Platform-Technologies v3-02

RapidProbe™ - Fifth generation probes that improve the speed, accuracy and cost effectiveness of real time PCR.

RapidProbe™ is a fifth- generation mathematically-engineered probe design for real-time PCR. It increases probe accuracy while reducing design complexity and expense.   RapidProbe™ is faster than fourth generation Tentacle Probes™ and far less expensive and up to 200 times faster than hairpin probes.  Highly sensitive, RapidProbe™ can detect even a single virus in a DNA sample. Brighter probes translate to higher accuracy and lower-cost detection equipment. RapidProbe™ brings the quencher and flourophore into close proximity. When the probe initiates hybridization, it “unzips,” creating a brighter signal than standard probes.


RapidProbe™ is part of a Co-Dx™ family of mathematically-engineered reagents, eliminating much of the guess work in test design and shortening the development cycle to weeks instead of months or years.