Patent Approved for HotStart Technology

We are happy to announce that earlier this month the company received notification that our patent titled “Nucleic Acid Hotstart Technology” has been approved by the US Patent office. Once the patent has been officially granted, we will issue a press release containing the US Patent Number.

The patent abstract reads: “The present invitation relates to molecules used as hotstarts for polymerases, including among others the DNA polymerase and reverse trascriptase.” Hotstarts are typically used in PCR to prevent the occurrence of primer-dimers at room temperature, before amplification begins.

While primers designed with Co-Diagnostics’ patent-pending CoPrimer™ technology are by nature resistant to primer-dimers, many other PCR tests on the market today will benefit from the addition of a hotstart. This includes our 6th generation Rapid Probes™ (also patent-pending) when utilized in reverse-transcriptase PCR assays.

Traditional hotstart technology uses antibodies to prevent the occurrence of primer dimers at room temperature. However, our patented technology incorporates a DNA-based solution that we anticipate will have application to various types of primers, not merely to our own Rapid Probes. Offering our own proprietary hotstart with our products avoids additional third-party royalties, and thus lower costs can be passed along to our customers. We look forward to expanding our product offerings as we explore these opportunities in the future.