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Biosearch and Co-Diagnostics Sign Cooperative Primers Agreement

Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) April 01, 2015

Biosearch Technologies and Co-Diagnostics announced today an agreement allowing Biosearch to make, use, market and sell Co-Diagnostics’ CoPrimers™ technology to research institutions. The agreement also licenses CoPrimers™ technology to Biosearch for its own research and development. CoPrimers’™ unique patent-pending design greatly reduces the occurrence of primer-dimers, without the addition of an expensive “hot start,” resulting in increased sensitivity and lower test prices.

Biosearch Technologies Inc., a manufacturer of innovative nucleic acid-based products that accelerate the discovery and application of genomic information, is a major supplier of reagents to research laboratories in the US and abroad. Per the agreement, Biosearch will assist molecular diagnostics research labs to identify the optimal cooperative primer sets for a given research application.

Co-Diagnostics CEO Dwight Egan commented, “Biosearch is an ideal partner for Co-Diagnostics at this stage of our development and in the years to come. We are excited about the opportunities this agreement creates to allow greater access to the innovative technologies our company has created for development of PCR assays utilizing our unique CoPrimers™ design architecture.”

Biosearch Technologies founder and CEO Ron Cook said,

“We’re very pleased to work with Co-Diagnostics to help introduce their very interesting new technology into the genetic testing research marketplace. PCR has been plagued by the ill effects of primer dimers since it was first invented by Kary Mullis more than 3 decades ago. Although hot start strategies have ameliorated the problem, new demands on PCR performance, such as highly multiplexed Q-PCR, offer difficult challenges to hot start methodology. The cooperative primer strategy, as developed by Co-Diagnostics’ Brent Satterfield, provides a fresh opportunity to solve the primer dimer problem. Biosearch excels at the manufacture of such complex oligos and hopes that the availability of CoPrimers will further expand the utility of PCR.”

About Co-Diagnostics

Co-Diagnostics, Inc., a molecular diagnostics company, is a Utah corporation based in Sandy, Utah that develops, manufactures and markets fully integrated DNA test systems. The company’s intellectual property is based on mathematical principles that create algorithms in a unique DNA-based diagnostics system that is superior in cost and speed of development to all other such systems, both in the US and abroad.

About Biosearch Technologies

Biosearch Technologies is committed to perfecting the design and manufacture of innovative nucleic acid-based products that accelerate the discovery and application of genomic information. The company strives for the highest levels of product quality and customer satisfaction in the diverse markets to which it caters worldwide.

Biosearch Technologies, Inc. is ISO 9001:2008 certified by the British Standards Institute (BSI). Biosearch is also a device manufacturer licensed in State of California. The GMP manufacturing facility based in Novato, California is also ISO 13485:2003 certified by BSI.