• Dr. Brent Satterfield

    Chief Technology Officer

    Dr. Brent Satterfield, Ph.D. is the Founder of Co-Diagnostics and is the company’s Chief Technology Officer

  • Mr. Egan is a co-founder of Co-Diagnostics and is the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

  • Mayuranki Modi Almaula

    International Partnerships

    Dr. Almaula previously worked in the Recombinant Protein Division of DNAX Research Institute (now

About Co-Diagnostics, Inc.

Our Mission Statement 

At Co-Diagnostics, we are passionate about providing the most robust and innovative molecular tools for detection of infectious diseases, liquid biopsy for cancer screening, and agricultural applications, especially to those regions where pricing is paramount. Our proprietary molecular diagnostics technology is paving the way for innovation in disease detection and life sciences research through our enhanced detection of genetic material. Because we own our platform, we are able to accomplish this faster and more economically, allowing for wider margins while still positioning Co-Diagnostics to be the worldwide low-cost leader of molecular diagnostics services.


The Co-Diagnostics Value Proposition

Co-Diagnostics’ CoDx™ portfolio of molecular diagnostics development products and tests represents a radical new advancement in the understanding of the molecular interactions of DNA.  Leading a global health revolution through mathematical innovations, cost reductions, and wider margins with our shareholders in mind,

  • using highly specialized, proprietary cooperative-theory mathematics,
  • leading to a revolutionary leap forward in the detection of infectious diseases, genetic disorders and other conditions,
  • at a fraction of the cost of other DNA-based tests,
  • designed for a new generation of affordable, mobile point-of-care diagnostic devices, and compatible with many other existing, commercially-available devices,
  • making state-of-the-art diagnostics available anywhere in the world, including developing countries.


The Company        

Co-Diagnostics, Inc. (“Company,” “CODX,”), a Utah corporation headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a molecular diagnostics company that develops, manufactures and markets a new, state-of-the-art diagnostics technology. Using unique mathematical models instead of relying on costly laboratory infrastructure, the Company has created a revolutionary new DNA-based testing platform, resulting in tests that are:

  • Faster: CODX’s system has created a new generation of real-time PCR DNA testing.  Development time is dramatically reduced, to weeks instead of months, or even years.
  • Affordable: Much lower-priced tests – a fraction of competitors’ pricing – due to far less test development time, lower cost of goods and no 3rd party royalties paid.
  • Flexible: The system is compatible with many vendors’ DNA diagnostic testing machines. It is particularly well-suited to a new generation of smaller, more portable analysis machinery for field, clinic, and hospital environments.
  • Accurate: Tests are more specific and sensitive than competitors’, detect even a single virus regardless of sample size and are designed to detect multiple strains of bacterial and viral infections from all over the world.

A Powerhouse Combination:  Working in tandem, both affordable tests and affordable  diagnostic devices will revolutionize DNA diagnostics, for the first time making accurate detection of genetic disorders and infectious diseases far less expensive and much more broadly available. This is made possible by combining proprietary software, patented reagent technologies and an array of affordable, accurate PCR tests.

The Co-Diagnostics Difference – It’s in the Math:  Dr. Brent Satterfield invented the Company’s suite of intellectual properties. CODX scientists were the first to understand the complex mathematics of DNA test design, to “engineer” a DNA test and to automate algorithms that rapidly screen millions of possible options to pinpoint the optimum design. This bio-engineering approach to DNA test development is unique to Co-Diagnostics and is based on “cooperative theory,” a new generation of mathematical analytics created by Dr. Satterfield.